Move Your Account

You can also have unlimited privileges by moving your Forex account to Europe’s No. 1 brokerage firm PERAFOREX. Also, after performing your account transfer, 20% Account Transfer Bonus is waiting for you. After moving your account to PERAFOREX, you will enjoy earning money by making forex trading by working with perfect customer satisfaction, superior technological infrastructure and expert analysts. Why should I move my account to PERAFOREX? What privileges will I have? We explain the answer to all of these, item by item. By moving your Forex account to PERAFOREX:

 With different bonuses and campaigns we offer, you will always be one step closer to winning.
 Your deposit and withdrawal transactions are made in the fastest way in minutes.
 Thanks to our expert analysts, you will be able to closely monitor market conditions and manage your positions intelligently, minimizing risk conditions.
 Whether you are in profit or loss, you will be able to receive high lot returns.
 Even if you cannot follow the markets, you will be able to direct your investments and gain profit with forex signals prepared by our expert analysts.
 You will enjoy uninterrupted trading with your 5/24 forex representative we have appointed specifically for you, and you will be able to get instant answers to every question.