Lot Return Campaign

If the investor makes use of this campaign, the lot made is calculated on the last working day of each month and transferred to the investors’ account on the first working day of the other month. Participation in the campaign will be valid for people over the age of 18. Our lot refund campaign cannot be used simultaneously with other campaigns.

The campaign may be terminated by PERAFOREX if the investor’s malicious use is determined. (Use for hedge or arbitrage purposes etc.) The deadline for joining our campaign is limited to 31.12.2020 and will not be valid for account openings made after this date.
Only investors working directly with PERAFOREX and without any intermediaries can benefit from this campaign. The investor can terminate the campaign whenever he wishes and receives the right return that month, but after that, during the period he works with our company, he does not have any right to return. In order to be eligible for this campaign, the investor must make a minimum of 10 lots of transactions during that month.

While calculating the lot amount, FX and gold transactions of the investor will be taken into consideration. Transactions on other Forex symbols will not be included in the calculation. No payment is made to transactions under 20 lots. The amount that the investor will receive from the lot cannot be more than the deposit amount made in that month.

This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion. There is a minimum investment requirement for our investors to benefit from the relevant campaign. Please contact the customer representative for detailed information.