This promotion is valid only for initial investments after opening an account at PERAFOREX. Our investors who want to take advantage of the campaign must stop their accounts and invest all positions at least USD 300 deposit.

The investor is included in the campaign when a minimum USD 300 investment is made from the moment the stop out is realized. The campaign is valid until December 31, 2020. Until this date, all investors can participate in the campaign in an unlimited number.

Investors cannot use the previously included campaigns with this campaign. Investors whose accounts fall down to a negative balance after they stop are subject to the approval of our treasury department. The maximum bonus that each investor can earn from this campaign is limited to USD 1500.

Investor is entitled to withdraw the bonus amount from his account if he / she reaches half of the bonus amount deserved from this campaign. To participate in the campaign, you can contact Customer Representatives from the PERAFOREX website contact section, our whatsapp lines and Live Support.

If it is determined that the investor is doing illegal activities or doing irregularities, all transactions done by PERAFOREX with no excuse will be deemed invalid.